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German export drops and European worries

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Euro currency trendsThere is still much uncertainty in global markets, with jitters in Europe having an effect on the US dollar.

A recent 5.8 per cent drop in German exports coupled with a downward revision of growth forecasts for the country has had a negative knock-on effect on the dollar, owing to the potential for a weak US export market.

Although the dollar has largely retraced earlier losses, investors are still dovish, with the federal reserve bank keeping interest rates low. The recent meeting of the fed also raised concerns about how a strong dollar may further affect US exports.

Positive Signs for Europe, less so for China

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

China challenging times - Europe positive signsTwo of the biggest pieces of online forex trading news that emerged this week and caught the attention of traders from all around the world had their origins in Europe and China.

As all good forex traders know, the key to making profits in the currencies markets is accurately predicting movements in price in advance.

These two pieces of important news strongly suggest that there will be movements in price within some of the major global currencies (such as the Euro and Renminbi).

Euro remains centre stage as Spain pulls back from the brink

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Spain and Europe flagsAll eyes will be on the Eurozone this week as a welter of news upturns expectations in the run up to Thursday’s EU Summit in Brussels. Spain in particular is breathing a little easier today, following Moody’s decision not to downgrade its credit rating to ‘junk’ status.

The country’s debt remains in the investment grade, though by the slimmest of margins. Moody’s reaffirmed their Baa3 rating with a negative outlook, citing progress on economic reforms and bank restructuring domestically, and continued ECB bond-buying for the Euro periphery.

Euro rises to a 4-month high against the Dollar

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Euro rises to a 4-month high against the Dollar as the German Constitutional Court Approves of a multi-billion Euro Rescue Plan

The German constitutional court on 12 September, 2012 approved of the German government’s participation in the Euro zone’s latest rescue plan, pushing the Euro to a 4-month high against the dollar and other currencies. The Court allowed the government to contribute as much as €190 billion Euro to the rescue plan without having to take permission from the German parliament. These terms buoyed the sentiments in the forex market, which was expecting tougher terms from the Court.

German court verdict supporting EURO raise

Within hours of the Courts verdict, the Euro rose 0.35% against the US dollar to close at 1.2899. It continued to rise on 13th September, when it closed at 1.2985. (more…)

German Unemployment Report May Weaken Euro and Confirm Bleak Outlook for the Eurozone

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Germany flagThe German Unemployment Report is expected to support the bleak outlook for the Eurozone as unemployment in the area’s largest economy is forecasted to increase in June. Undoubtedly, the forecast for the Eurozone is not a rosy one, especially considering Greece is expecting a 9% contraction of their (more…)