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Unique to SureTrader

  • Option to use SureTrader Pro
  • Trading platform allows point and click trading
  • iSureTrader Mobile, a for iPhones, iPads, and iPods
  • Allows both individual or corporate accounts
  • 6:1 leverage
  • Regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas
  • $0 Cash Account Minimum

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Short facts about Sure Trader
Name: SureTrader – Swiss America Securities Ltd
Founded: 2008
Country: Bahamas
Type of forex broker: Market Maker
Software: SureTrader Pro, SureTrader 2.0, iSureTrader Mobile
Size of trading platform: 3.9 MB
Email: Contact form on homepage
Screenshots from SureTrader trading platform

SureTrader trading platform

Trading with SureTrader.
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Sure Trader real-time stocks hitting intraday highs and lows

SureTrader hi low tickers.
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Why SureTrader?

         6,00 / 10

Traders who are on the lookout for a powerful trading tool that will give them all the features that they need in order to make money should turn to SureTrader. This trading platform integrates that use of technical indicators, weathering tools and top-notch professional support in order to give users a break from the stressful trading market. If you are a trader that is looking for a simple and seamless way to go about trading, then you should invest in SureTrader at once.

It is specifically designed to be a moneymaking platform. Those who use SureTrader can trade up to 1,000 shares at just $4.95 per trade. Users are also able to enjoy commission rates that are only $1 more per contract. This platform is specifically designed to make trading easier, simpler and more profitable for users.

In addition to this, SureTrader also offers its users all the support that they need in order to efficiently go about their business. Its extended pre and post market trading hours make it possible to go about their tasks even when the market closes. This will help secure the help that they need when filling their orders.

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Grades for SureTrader
         6,00 / 10
Before the forex trading
Sign-up bonus 8
Deposit options 9
During trades
Execution speed 10
Forex Spread 8
Support 9
Resources (tools,charts,robots) 8
What is offered?
Leverage 8
Forex Market analysis 9
Currency pairs 8
Other instruments 7
About SureTrader
Financial security 6
More personal opinions
Software and graphics 6

SureTrader is perhaps the most hands-on trading platform that you will find on the market. In addition to the top-notch customer service that all users enjoy, this platform also offers the option for live chat help. Individuals who have any concern about the trading platform or their stocks can chat with any of their highly professional representatives. SureTrader also employs the services of reputable and qualified financial and trading experts that give their users useful and profitable advice when necessary.