US Dollar

The U.S. dollar was adopted in 1785 by the U.S. Congress as the official currency. U.S. dollar has grown increasingly important over the years and is now acceptable as the official currency of a large crowd of countries worldwide. At the same time comprised 64% of all central banks’ reserve currency the dollar in 2008, slightly down from the peak around 1999, when 71% of all currency reserves were in U.S. dollars.

U.S. dollar is the currency that is most used for international transactions.


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Common names for US Dollar

USD, Dollarn, Greenback, buck, grand (1000 dollar), dime (10 cent) are some of the most common names found among currency traders.

Countries with USD

U.S. is not the only official country with U.S. Dollars. Although Ecuador, El Salvador, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Panama and East Timor have dollar currency.

Unofficial countries with U.S. Dollar

Unofficial countries where U.S. dollars are extremely viable includes many of the countries in the Caribbean and South America.

There are also many countries that don’t have national dollars. These should not be confused with the U.S. dollar (USD). Examples of such countries are Australia, the Australian dollar (AUD), Canada with the Canadian dollar (CAD), Belize with Belize dollars (BEZ), Hong Kong’s national currency called the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Jamaica Dollar (JAM), New Zealand Zealand dollar (NZD), and finally Singapore, with Singapore dollars (SID).

How much is traded on the dollar (USD)?

U.S. dollar is the currency that has the second highest total value of cash in circulation in the world.

History of U.S. dollars

History of USD comes soon.

Currency symbol and ISO code

ISO code as both currency traders and money changers are using USD, while the $ is the currency symbol.

The origin of dollar sign “$” has several different explanations. Perhaps the most accepted explanation is that the dollar sign is a result of developments in the Spanish and Mexican-written the initials “PS” for pesos.

Another explanation to the dollar symbol is that it is caused by a slash from the figure eight, which represents parts of eight.

Greek mythology claims that the dollar sign is derived from Hermes, Greek god of bankers, thieves and crooks. Apart from the tap, this was one of his symbols one caduceus, some of which snakes were hung in a sinuous curve.

Currency Crises in USD

More info soon.

Federal Reserve (FED)

FED’s and that Congress’s goal is a high employment and sustainable non-inflationary growth.

Online Forex Trading with US Dollar (USD)

The dollar is part of the most traded currency pair – EUR / USD. Learn more about trading forex with the U.S. dollar, the most popular of all currency pairs. It is not only EUR/USD that is traded frequently, also currency pairs like USD/JPY, USD/CHF and GBP/USD (the cable) are also frequently traded.

Among the benefits of just EUR / USD is the currency partet has a very low spreads, technical analysis works very well and the currency pair is followed by a large crowd of analysts.

Dollar has proven to be a relatively stable currency, which retains its value well.

Value of the dollar against other currencies

America and USD apply flexible exchange rate and therefore be bought and traded freely. Its value against other currencies has been in very strongly.

Pictures of the U.S. Dollar notes and coins

Below are some common notes and coins for the United States of America.
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