Forex beginner’s guide

Are you new to online forex trading? No problem. Our simple guide to forex trading will quickly help you to get started.

3 easy steps to get started with online forex trading

If you are properly prepared and have realistic expectations, at the same time as you put down some time to learn trade forex, you will be able to earn money in forex very quick. Here is what you need to know.

steg-1 Introduction to online forex trading

The foreign exchange market have many similarities with the stock market, but there are also a few differences.

This article points out the differences and get you started with online forex trading >>

steg-2 Choose trading strategy

To trade forex online without a clear and proper trading strategy are the worst you can do. All who succeed with forex trading have a clear strategy to lean back to and they usually choose only a few currency pairs to trade with.

Learn to create a simple forex trading strategy that is easy to follow >>

steg-3 Choose forex broker

When you have chosen trading strategy and currency pair your are ready to get yourself a demo account with one or several forex brokers.

Learn more about how to choose a forex broker >>