FirstRateFX and their bank services to transfer money without fees

FirstRateFX currency transfers
In the world of Forex and currency trading, the Internet has provided a host of services that will allow the avid trader to perform light-speed transactions with unsurpassed transparency. One such site that is ideal for those who wish to change one form of currency into another is FirstRateFX.

Transfer money easily between international bank accounts without fees

FirstRateFX (“FRFX”) specialise in sending money from one currency to another, in different countries. For people doing so on a regular basis, this means saving a lot of money on fees and much better exchange rates; than when sending through regular banks. You do not even have to be a sophisticated currency trader yourself make use of their services. FRFX take care of all the hassle for you.

This online platform allows for a seamless exchange while providing robust levels of guidance and customer service. Of considerable importance is the fact that FirstRateFX charges no fees or commissions. This is in direct contrast to most banks that have been known to add on as much as four per cent commission to any transfer. However, there are other amenities that this portal provides.

Spot Trades

One of the most important aspects in the trade of any currency is obtaining the most beneficial rates possible. Only the best rates are offered and a secure delivery of funds to the desired account is performed within an amenable time frame. This is quite a “hands on” approach, for professional traders will supervise every aspect of the transaction and focus on the needs of the specific client.

Forward Contracts

It is a known fact that part of the risk surrounding a currency exchange is the potential for a market to suddenly fluctuate. With FirstRateFX, a forward contract will serve to limit one’s exposure by completing a transaction on or before a certain date. Thus, much of the volatility will be taken out of a position; ideal for those who are just beginning to learn the eclectic world of Forex markets.


Also, registering with FirstRateFX is quick and simple. All that is required are basic user details such as one’s name, physical location, date of birth and email address. This process will take only minutes and thereafter, a currency specialist can be immediately contacted. This professional will help new clients open up accounts and perhaps more importantly, this adviser is always available to answer any questions as they may arise during the trading process. These specialists will also help a new client discover which services may best suit his or her requirements. This rather modular approach will cater to even the most discrete of needs.

These are some of the most unique services that FirstRateFX offers the avid trader. As this platform is specifically designed around a platform of customer service and timely advice, FirstRateFX can be viewed as an advantageous system for those who are approaching the Forex markets for the first time.

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