Central Banks

Skyskrapers representing the central banks in the worldBelow are some of the most influential central banks in the world listed.

Banco Central de la República Argentina
The Central Bank of Argentina
Homepage: www.bcra.gov.ar

Bank of Canada
The National bank of Canada
Homepage: www.bankofcanada.ca

Bank of England Bank of England flag
The National bank of United Kingdom
Homepage: www.bankofengland.co.uk
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Bank of Japan (BOJ)
The National bank of Japan
Homepage: www.boj.or.jp

Bank of Russia
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Homepage: www.cbr.ru

Bulgarian National Bank
The state bank for the Republic of Bulgaria
Homepage: www.bnb.bg

Central Bank of Egypt
The National bank of Egypt
Homepage: www.cbe.org.eg

Central Bank of The United Arab Emirates
The National bank of UAE
Homepage: www.centralbank.ae

Croatian Hrvatska narodna banka
The National bank of Croatia
Homepage: www.hnb.hr

Czech National Bank
The National bank of the Czech Republic
Homepage: www.cnb.cz

European Central Bank European Central Bank
The Central bank of the European Union (EU)
Homepage: www.ecb.int
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Federal Reserve (FED) The Federal Reserve, Washington USA
The central bank of the United States
Homepage: www.federalreserve.gov
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Hong Kong Monetary Authority
The monetary authority in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong
Homepage: www.hkma.gov.hk

Danmarks Nationalbank
The National bank of Denmark
Homepage: www.nationalbanken.dk

Norges Bank
The National bank of Norway
Homepage: www.norges-bank.no

Isle of Man Bank
The National bank of the Isle of Man
Homepage: www.iombank.com

Reserve Bank of Australia
The National bank of Australia
Homepage: www.rba.gov.au

Riksbanken (Swedish Central Bank) Swedish Central Bank
The National bank of Sweden
Homepage: www.riksbank.se
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Swiss National Bank
The National bank of Switzerland
Homepage: www.snb.ch