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Fears of UK Triple-Dip Recession Could Cause Stock Market Slump

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

UK economy recessionOnline forex trading investors will no doubt have been relieved by the stock market’s positive start to 2013 but now fears of a triple-dip recession in the UK could risk reversing the gains made and force the market back into a nose dive.

On the back of recent uncertainty in the Eurozone caused by the Cyprus bailout and growing fears of economic catastrophe in Slovenia, the UK’s continual teetering on the brink of recession is causing concern among traders and recent gains on the stock market have already begun to fall away.

The main question among forex traders today

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Swiss currency and banking, passportOn the online forex trading front for this week, a few key movements are taking pace in Europe that have drawn considerably interest from currency traders.

One movement that has gained considerable attention is the fact that the Swiss deflation rate fell to a profound eight month ow in March. This has mainly been caused by the price of consumer goods falling; induced largely by the flow of liquidity from traders looking to hedge themselves against a weakening Euro. In turn, this has obviously strengthened in the CHF.

Euro Showing Short Term Improvement Following Cyprus Bailout

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

European map with CyprusAs Cyprus finally manages to come to an agreement with international lenders over a 10 billion euro bailout, the Euro has seen some positive movement in response. Finally pulling away from its four month low, this morning the central European currency achieved an online trading value of $1.3040, an improvement which has been desperately sought by Forex traders across the world.

Short term fluctuation

However, though euro zone finance ministers were quick to endorse an agreement which should stop Cyprus facing total financial ruin, many investors are not seeing this positive step in Euro value as anything other than a short term fluctuation. (more…)

How to trade Euro on the Cyprus bailout?

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

European Central Bank Cyprus bailoutThe most prominent online trading news for this week is the unfolding situation in Cyprus. We have seen the Euro lose more value as the EU continues to pressure Cyprus to come to a consensus regarding the 5.8 billion Euros needed to save the ailing country from a disorderly default and a messy exit from the European Union.

Although this 5.8 billion was initially to come from the mandatory levy on all citizens’ bank holdings, severe protests and mass withdrawals of capital have made this move, at least as it currently stands, all but impossible.