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7 ways yoga can benefit your online trading

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Yoga in the living roomFinding your inner calm and peace can help in all types of environments, not least online trading. Here we go through 7 different ways that yoga can help you get better at online trading, with more peace and quiet while increasing the energy. We at are thankful for the tips given by a yoga teacher who here tells about the most common questions, which exercises are worth learning and what to consider about as a beginner in yoga.

What you hear most from people before they start a yoga course is that they are always very interested, but quickly recognize – I am not so flexible, says the yoga teacher Viriam


He continues with another common question: “Can I also do yoga”, although I’m not so nimble? In fact, that’s exactly why you should do it. Besides helping to get more flexibility, yoga also helps to stretch the muscles and relax the whole body. (more…)

Try AvaTrade’s new mobile app – Get a mobile phone

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Free mobile phone from AvaTrade if you start trading before June 30th 2016
During the summer, most forex traders are busy with relaxing in the sun or out and about on various holidays. Now, thanks to new technology and mobile phones, that does not have to mean that you can’t trade as usual.

AvaTrade have just released their new mobile app and as a part of that launch party they are offering a promotion to new customers who signup before 30th of June, where you could deposit and trade with 3000 GBP/EUR/USD and get a free iPhone 6+ or Samsung Galaxy Edge+.

So, if you have been tempted trying out currency trading online this is the best chance and offer we have seen in a long time. Make use of the summer and get going with trading forex online, check this out already today!

››The forex broker AvaTrade now offer you as new customer a mobile phone if you deposit at least 3000 GBP/EUR/USD and fulfill their bonus requirements.

Make sure to read all the terms and conditions on the AvaTrade website, to see what is required to get your mobile phone