7 ways yoga can benefit your online trading

Yoga in the living roomFinding your inner calm and peace can help in all types of environments, not least online trading. Here we go through 7 different ways that yoga can help you get better at online trading, with more peace and quiet while increasing the energy. We at OnlineForex.net are thankful for the tips given by a yoga teacher who here tells about the most common questions, which exercises are worth learning and what to consider about as a beginner in yoga.

What you hear most from people before they start a yoga course is that they are always very interested, but quickly recognize – I am not so flexible, says the yoga teacher Viriam


He continues with another common question: “Can I also do yoga”, although I’m not so nimble? In fact, that’s exactly why you should do it. Besides helping to get more flexibility, yoga also helps to stretch the muscles and relax the whole body. There are countless benefits you get by practicing yoga regularly and seriously: everyone can do it and especially many sedentary traders have been very grateful for the benefits that come from regular yoga!

Obviously, everyone have to start at beginners level (please!), since the worst thing you can do for yourself is to be imprudent and try to force some positions, just to look cool on Instagram. Simply DON’T DO THAT, you can seriously injury yourself by doing it. So for those who work daily in front of a computer and has a stressful and pushy work environment (few blessed people doesn’t nowadays) should seriously consider the information below:

1) Help the mind to focus. It’s clearly a fact that there are endless distractions and sometimes we get lost in doing lots of simultaneous tasks. Too many apps on the phone, emails arriving all the time, whatsapp messages popping out constantly, etc. This tremendously distracts us and although it became common it’s not appropriate. As a result our mind is constantly active, anxious and distracted.

2) Having a daily stretching sequence. Generally professions in which mental work is most requested are usually more sedentary occupations, resulting often in muscular tensions especially in the back, shoulders and neck. With a 10 minutes sequence practiced twice a day you can relieve, reduce and even eliminate this inconvenient.

3) Yoga Nidra: The yogic sleep, it’s how they defined it for us in India. Different than some people say this technique it’s not a meditation but it’s a very effective relaxation tool and it can be done anywhere. Yoga Nidra is a great for physical recovery, it’s practiced lie down, completely relaxed. It is a state of consciousness between being awake and sleeping. It consists in a guided voice that induces you to relax each part of your body, followed by some visualization and a final relaxation before you are completely back.

4) Getting the habit and discipline for meditating. No, it’s not difficult. As most things in life since you are disciplined and keep trying you get there. It’s like going to the gym: don’t expect to look fit after 2 sessions. There are different methods and exercises to get started in it as my advice again is: start with the most simple technique. Benefits of daily meditation are almost unbelievable.

5) Breathing slowly and being aware of how you breath. Sounds cliche ‘take a deep breath’ but I assure you there are strong evidences on how it can make a difference in your life. Pranayama are practices and breathing exercises, very common in yoga classes. One of the meanings of Prana can be translated as ‘life force’. We can change the state of our body and mind by breathing properly.

6) Body alignment. Practicing some yoga asanas will give you body consciously and if it’s practiced in the right way in a short-medium term it’s possible to correct spine misalignment, for example, which is very common in people who work sit all day in front of a computer for many hours.

7) Cooling your head down when things doesn’t work the way we expect: PATIENCE. I know, for me it’s the most difficult one, I’m still learning it and don’t even know how long it’s gonna take (probably my entire life lol) but I’m certainly much better than a few years ago. Sometimes we just don’t have other choice than to wait.

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