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What is happening with the US Dollar?

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

One of the aspects that has recently dominated the Forex markets is the continued slide of the United States dollar in relation to currencies such as the Euro and the Pound. While much of this bearish momentum has been triggered by the brinksmanship recently played out regarding the debt ceiling, recent data has been just as damaging.

The primary reason for a negative short-term outlook was prompted by the recent non-farm payroll report submitted that displayed dismal job growth figures within the United States. In turn, this has caused online Forex investors to take a rather cautious approach to the outlook for the greenback.

United States outlook, impact on USD/EUR

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Euro Dollar trading valueIn the latest forex news, the US dollar has slid considerably in comparison to other major currencies.

While earlier this month many forecasts were bullish regarding the dollar’s upward trend, analysts have now scaled off this position and are taking a more contemplative approach.

Indeed, the dollar may slide further as is possibly indicated by the relative strength index (RSI) which appears to be setting the stage for a downward trend in the weeks to come. This is especially relevant considering that the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium is on schedule for the following week.

Although the bearish stance for the dollar may continue temporarily, should chairman Bernanke not hint at another round of QE3, sentiments may begin to reverse.