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Is it time for a new European Bank to take place?

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

If you believe Ingvar Kamprad- Sure!

The expectations – to develop a strong European financial player. (more…)

Swedish Krona – A Safe Currency

Monday, March 1st, 2010

The Krona have started to appreciate considerible against the Euro and other currencies lately. Many currency traders now belive it’s time to add the krona to their portfolios. At least as long the Euro is under pressure.

Swedish Krona – from loser to winner

Last quater, the krona was the worst performing major European currency. The link to Baltic banks and quickly increasing unemployment
rate was part of the problems. Now, it’s gone to the regions leading currency instead.

The reasons behind are a few. To start with, Sweden’s budget deficit are shrinking while most other countries deficit are growing. (more…)

Swedish estimations for interest rates & currency during 2010

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Swedish Riksbanken speech insisted that Sweden’s rate is planned to remain flat until autumn 2010. Ingves pointed out the risk of a potential real estate bubble if the current interest rate levels remains for a long period.

He continues: “We believe that interest rates will be significantly higher in a few years from now”. In 2011, the interest rates will probably go up sharply, from less than 1% to 3%. At least if we are to believe the current forecast from the Swedish Riksbank.

Why was the Swedish interest rates unchanged?

Everything indicates that the recovery in the economy continues, while inflation pressures continue to be low.

With the Riksbank’s inflation target of 2 percent and to simultaneously support the economic recovery of the Riksbank decided to leave the repo rate unchanged at 0.25 percent. (more…)

Expect the dollar to strenghten

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

As the stock markets are starting to take a dip again, investors are moving away from smaller and riskier markets and currencies.

Swedish krona are having a hard time

One of the currencies that had a hard hit is the Swedish Krona, falling 1.35 % yesterday. It’s expected to fall from (more…)

Swedish Krona (SEK) collapse

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

The Swedish Krona (SEK) had a hard day. New statistics about the GDP showed scary results. Swedens economy are predicted to decline 2.4 % during 2009, from the earlier 1.4 % estimate. At the same time, the interest rate have been cut to 1 %. Not happy time for currency traders trying to profit on a stronger krona. Only this Tuesday, the currency lost between 2-3 % to most of the majors. Below you can find the latest forex spot exchange rates:

  • USD/SEK 8,83
  • EUR/SEK 11,13
  • GBP/SEK 12.59
  • DKK/SEK 1.49