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Friday, November 25th, 2011

We at are happy to now offer You a free signup and trading gift if you signup with one of the brokers listed with the tag, in “The best forex brokers” top list.

Special unique broker agreement

As a part of a special agreement (more…)

eSignal launches real-time forex quotes – OnDemand Forex

Monday, June 7th, 2010

eSignal just launched a new service for online forex traders called ‘OnDemand Forex‘.

Why use eSignal?

  • Up to 12 years of minute interval forex data and 19 years of daily, weekly and monthly data.
  • Optimal for technical analysts: Intuitive charting with unlimited options for technical analysis.
  • Advanced fx back testing options, supporting all major and exotic currencies.

Several forex brokers are participating, such as Barclays London, FXCM and (more…)

9.7 % unemployment rate in USA put pressure on US Dollar

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Forex Traders are worried Fridays release of the US unemployment rate was way worse then expected and now the US Dollar might face further decrease.

American Labor Department reported that the much higher unemployment rate could be due to lagging data. The non-farm payroll employment fell by 216 000 jobs in August, followed by a revised decrease of 276 000 jobs in July. The new numbers are indication that America is now facing a 9.7 % unemployment rate, the highest in 26 years. Financial analysts and currency traders did expect a 9.4 % unemployment rate in July.

Further pressure on US Dollar

However, it seems like the decrease have moderated the last months, even if some sectors still face continued job losses. Still, consumer confident might be lagging in the coming months. As a result of the unexpected numbers from USA, many online forex traders assume that the US Dollar will continue to suffer against the Euro and Yen.

Online forex in turmoil times

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Many investors  see online forex as an alternative when the equity and property market remain risky.
There are many reasons for this. Let us explain a few here:

  • When the stock market are turbulent, investors seek alternative investments.
  • It’s hard to predict the stock market at the moment.
  • Newspapers write more about online forex and how currencies fluctuate.
  • With currency trading, you are not dependent of a positive equity market.

What will you do in turmoil times, trade online forex?