now offer a free trading gift

We at are happy to now offer You a free signup and trading gift if you signup with one of the brokers listed with the tag, in “The best forex brokers” top list.

Special unique broker agreement

As a part of a special agreement with for example the forex broker eToro and the forex broker ForexYard we can now offer you as a new trader with one of the specific brokers a free gift, which definitely will come handy both for beginners and experts.

The free gift

The free trading gift is currently a book from the world famous “…for Dummies” book series – of course it is about Currency Trading. This book is a great book for both beginners and experts as there is always something new to learn, get reconfirmed or just explore. We of course offer the Currency Trading for Dummies, by Brian Dolan, partly to encourage you as a trader to become an even better trader but also as a nice gesture to show the importance of education.

Not an ebook – a proper paperback currency trading book

Other forex broker websites may (at most) offer you some free but very brief self published ebooks – but who has the eyes or is willing to spend time in front of the computer reading about trading when you then just as well could be trading. The book we give you is the physical paperback Currency Trading for Dummies book which will be sent to your post address and allow you to read about forex trading when you are relaxing in the sofa or just before going to bed.

What to do

All you have to do to get the free signup and trading gift is to follow the 3 simple steps outlined on the free signup bonus and trading gift campaign page.

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    I will sign up with Forex yard.

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