eSignal launches real-time forex quotes – OnDemand Forex

eSignal just launched a new service for online forex traders called ‘OnDemand Forex‘.

Why use eSignal?

  • Up to 12 years of minute interval forex data and 19 years of daily, weekly and monthly data.
  • Optimal for technical analysts: Intuitive charting with unlimited options for technical analysis.
  • Advanced fx back testing options, supporting all major and exotic currencies.

Several forex brokers are participating, such as Barclays London, FXCM and MB Trading.

How much does eSignal cost?

You can test eSignal OnDemand during a 30-day risk-free trial or buy it instantly for $44.95 per month. You can also buy several ‘add-ons’ to improve the coverage and functionality – read more here.

Footnote: eSignal are famous for delivering live fx market information and the development of advanced trading workstations.

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