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We at always encourage our visitors and customers to learn more about trading and to educate yourself within the forex and currency trading world. If you have signed up with a forex broker from our website (by clicking on a link directly from our website and signed up) after 1st of November 2011, you may be eligible for a free gift.

How to get your free gift in 3 steps
1. Signup with AvaFX or eToro.
2. Deposit some money and make at least 30 real money trades and turn over at least $500,000.
3. Come back here, fill in your contact details in the form below and claim your free gift.

More information on how to get your free gift

If you become or already are a customer of ours, i.e. signed up with one of the brokers listed in the “Forex Broker platform” dropdown, through one of our broker webpage links in the “Top forex broker list“, have deposited money with the broker and traded for a while (30 trades and turned over $500,000 in trading volume, per specification in the “Forex Broker platform” dropdown) you may be eligible for a free gift.

Once you have started to trade with one of the brokers below after 1st of November 2011 through one of the landing pages we link to from our website (eToro or AvaFX) and reached the total number of real money trades specified in the drop down next to the broker’s name, you may be eligible to receive a free gift from

When you have made the necessary number of real money trades (bought/sold a currency/asset) on the forex platform, had a total turnover of $500,000 and are up for some more reading and learning, just fill in the form below to submit your claim of the free gift.

Once eligible – Claim your free gift in the form below

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 Paperback Book: 'Currency trading for Dummies'

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This is an offer made by but does not mean that is obliged to provide a free gift. does not take responsibility for any additional cost other than cost for delivery or the gift itself. The customer takes responsibility for any cost related to customs, tax or other charges. do not give any guarantees and the customer has no legal right or claim on This offer should be seen as courtesy by and as a possible bonus to the customers if the customer do receive a gift. The customer need to have reached the minimum number of trades requirements and need to claim your gift within 30 days from account registration date with the broker. You are only eligible for one gift in total at most. Please note that the processing of your gift may take up to 60 days + delivery time from the gift provider. may reject any claim for free gift for any reason, including due to the customer’s specific country/location, even if the customer has reached outlined requirements. reserves the right to send a different gift or no gift instead of the one(s) listed in this form.

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