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It is not often that we have news related to music videos or songs here at This news post is however different.

The song by Jonathan Mann

We at are proud to present “The song by Jonathan Mann feat. Jonathan Mann”. We have as you understand been working hard with Jonathan Mann to produce our very own jingle with corresponding inspirational video a la Jonathan Mann. Listen and have a look at the video below and then let us know what you think or leave a comment in the bottom of this post.

The song by Jonathan Mann feat. Jonathan Mann

Almost every other iPhone 4 owner in the Western world, has probably seen the video with Jonathan Mann (below), when he sings about the antenna problems that arised when the phone was first released. Steve Jobs himself choose that the song should be a part of the Apple iPhone 4 press conference in the summer of 2010. The video itself has been viewed over a million times on YouTube! If you have missed it, watch it below.

The iPhone 4 antenna song

iPhone 4 antenna song with Jonathan Mann

The iPhone 4S duet with Siri and Jonathan Mann

One of the very recent songs (from last week) by Jonathan Mann is a duet with the personal assistant “Siri” in the updated iPhone, version 4S. Already now close to a million people have seen the video. See for yourself in video below.

The iPhone 4S duet with Siri and Jonathan Mann

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