.FX or .FOREX soon to come?

dot fx
When ICANN announced they are letting .AnyName free, it will probably not take long before .FX or .FOREX will be registered. OnlineForex.net will here discuss the opportunities with the new regulations and which effect it might have to launch a new domain suffix for the forex industry.

Why .fx?

Since long ago, all the best domains for forex brokers, forex market makers and forex traders are gone. A way to offer new relevant domains for the forex community would be to buy the .fx domain suffix and sell domains to companies and organisations in the forex industry.
Reasons to choose .fx over .forex is that it’s way shorter, and quicker to type. Online, it’s all about time and recognition and it takes way longer time to write .forex compared to .fx. At the same time, both are well known abbreviations for foreign exchange.

Forex as a community

A new top level domain for forex could be set up as a community, where there is specific requirements to buy a domain. For instance, you need to proof that you’re trading forex online or that you’re running a valid forex company. The hard part is of course to set up rules that’s targeted enough, and at the same time, makes it possible for relevant forex businesses and traders to apply. Today, there are 136 organizations to handle new domains for topics such as hotels, real estate, skiing and peace –but still, there is no organizations set-up to handle a new forex domain extension.

So what do you think? Do we need a new domain suffix for online forex traders? Or is the current top level domains enough (.com, .net, .org etc)?

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