Forex Broker GFC Markets change name to

A few days ago, the popular forex broker GFC Markets announched they are changing name to to better reflect their business and offerings., a fast growing online forex broker

GFC Markets, or as they are called now days, has been growing quickly the last year.

One of the reasons is that you can start online forex trading from just $50, so many new traders find it convenient to not risk so much.

The fact that you can trade both stock indices, commodities and currencies in the same account is another reason making it popular.
Finally, you can easily network with other traders on, and you can trade a wide range of currency pairs to competetive spreads. With a simple, yet professional platform and excellent support, it’s no surprise that has become one of the biggest online forex brokers in Europe for individuals.

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  1. Robert Huber says:

    I am currently testing two trading software on real money trading account. So far Auto Trader is doing well. Will report back in a few …

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