‘New Sterling Exchange Rate Index’ (ERI) weights

Curious about which countries are included in ‘New Sterling Exchange Rate Index’ (ERI)? Here you can find the ERI weights for Britains most important trade partners.

Weights for New Sterling Exchange Rate Index (ERI)

Country ERI weight (%)
Australia 1.4
Canada 1.9
China 3.5
Denmark 1.3
Euro area 55.2
Hong Kong 1.8
Japan 4.9
South Korea 1.4
Norway 1.1
Singapore 1.4
South Africa 1.2
Sweden 2.2
Switzerland 2.8
Turkey 1.2
U.S 18.8

As you can see, the most important countries and currencies for British citizens are the Euro area (EUR), followed by United States of America (USD), Japan (JPY) and China (Yuan).