An unbaised review of HY Markets

Here you can get to know what professional forex traders think about HY Markets.

8,45 / 10 stars

Before starting currency trading at HY Markets

Below you find some important points that suggest you consider before starting to trade with this forex broker.

Payment methods: Choose between Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Diners Club, Paypal or bank transfer. By can be made by either debit- or credit cards. You can start forex trading within minutes.

Downloading software?
HY Markets has several types of trading platforms. Choose between the most advanced at 4.5 MB, the online platform in Java which do not require any download at all or a platform for your mobile phone that is 415 kb.

Sign-up bonus: HY Markets current sign-up bonus give you get free tips on how to become a better forex trader. The material is sent out as e-book. (??????????)

Trade currencies by HY Markets?

Currencies and other instruments(?): HY Markets offers a broad range of financial instruments to trade with, not only currencies. Why not try commodity trading, such as gold, silver or brent oil?

Execution of currencies: HY Markets has a platform that executes currencies very quickly. With the ease of two clicks, you can buy or sell a currency pair. There is also a ‘freeze button’, allowing you to freeze the current rate for up to 3 seconds.

Flexibility is offered to allow you to change the look of the trading platform, which currency graphs to display and which currency pairs.

Spread (buy and sell quotes): From 3 pip spread on the leading currency pairs with a premium account (2500 usd), 4 pips for standard account ($750) or 5 pips for the mini account. Only 50 pips spread for gold and 6 pips for cruide oil.

Support: HY Markets has 24-hour support from Sunday night until Friday evening. Yo can easily reach them by phone, e-mail or live chat.

Resources (tools, charts): By HY Markets, you will receive live trading news from the leading provider, Reuters. No other currency brokers that we’ve seen has been able to offer this unique feature.

You also get daily analysis of major currencies and commodities. More advanced resources for forex trading are, for example, advanced charts, technical indicators and trading advisors.

What do you get as a customer of HY Markets?

Currency pairs: In total, 10 currency pairs, 16 commodities and 6 indices are included to trade with after account opening.

If you want to trade US Dollar, there are 2 currency pairs to trade with: USD/HKD and EUR/USD.

For Eurotraders, there are 3 currency pairs to trade with: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and EUR/CHF.

If you want to trade with Sterling, there are 3 pairs availible: GBP/CAD, GBP/JPY and GBP/CHF.

For Yen traders, there are three available currency pairs: EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and AUD/JPY.

Among other instruments include several different materials, eg cruide oil, soyaböner, sugar, cotton and cocoa. Although a number of stock indices and individual shares are also to act – all under one platform and competitive spreads.

Amongst other instrument to trade with, commodities such as gold, silver, brent oil, cacao, cotton and oil are all being traded with very reasonable spread.

Leverage: You can leverage your account up to 200 times at Hy Markets.

Daily Market Analysis: You will receive daily newsletters.

About HY Markets

Financial security: HY Markets have been around for over 30 years and are registered with FSA, which guarantee that your funds are secure in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

Software and graphics at HY Markets

Most traders are very satisfied with HY Market’s fast multi-platform. It is easy to operate and adjust, and you see prices for all instruments in the same platform.

Location of HY Markets

The company behind the site is called HY Markets Limited, with head offices on the following London address:
3rd Floor 28 Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2AN, United Kingdom

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