Unique to Askobid

  • Free expert advice, 6 times/day
  • Personal service by email, phone & chat
  • Quick access to equity
  • Powerful trading tools
  • Insight to what others trade
  • Free forex education
  • Low and flexible spread
  • Flexible trading sizes
  • User friendly trading platform
  • Live 24h forex support
  • User-friendly platform
  • Forex news to your mobile
  • Trading signals in real time

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Short facts about Askobid
Name: Askobid
Founded: 2009
Country: Cyprus
Type of forex broker: Market Maker
Software: Askobid’s own
Size of trading platform: 746 kb
Email: [email protected]
Screenshots from Askobid trading platform

Trading platform Askobid

Askobid trading platform

Currency Graphs at Askobid

Forex graphs at Askobid

Why Askobid?

8 / 10 (Read why here >>)
Try Askobid and get daily expert advice, even when you sign up for a demo account. This way, you get inspiration and insight which currency pairs are strongest and best tro trade at the moment. Askobid have their own forex education program, and even personal technical analysis advice for you. Offering 24 hour support by email, chat or phone. Ready to start trading forex and commodities, with a user friendly trading platform?

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Grades for Askobid

7.83 / 10

Before the forex trading
Sign-up bonus 9
Deposit options 9
During the trades
Execution speed 8
Forex Spread 8
Support 9
Resources (tools,charts,robots) 8
What is offered?
Leverage 7
Forex Market analysis 8
Currency pairs 7
Other instruments 7
About Askobid
Financial security 8
More personal opinions
Software and graphics 8